Educational Technology

UPH is concerned with education qualities. Supported with excellent infrastructure and technology, UPH is trying to maximize teaching and learning process that occurs within it. Using Learning Management System (LMS) supported with Moodle and Blackboard servers as blended-learning portals is one of the education technology utilization which gave a lot of learning amenities and experiences for lecturers and students. These Learning Management System portals are accessible through the internet using cable modem or wireless connection at and


Both Moodle and Blackboard allow active interaction between lecturer, student, also the learning content. Within these LMSs, lecturer can give announcement, uploading the learning material, preparing the assessment, also grading the activity or assessment. Student could have an active interaction with peer or lecturer through chat and discussion’s forum feature.   These systems may allow teaching and learning process not limited by time and space.


For the time being, medical students and lecturers are expected to access blackboard system at the following URL address:


While other students and lecturers are expected to access Moodle System at the following URL address:

Please contact our admin support if you encounter a problem while accessing Moodle or Blackboard by phone line ext.2341 / 2342 or report directly to Edutech office,  at The Johannes Oentoro Library, Building C, 4th floor, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Lippo Village, Tangerang.