Master of Education
“The Future Generation of Education”
  • To become a center of innovative and creative leadership development in education and human resources.
  • To prepare students to acquire knowledge and skills in designing, developing and evaluating the administration and management of education and training institutions as well as human resources training and development programs.
The Program
Providing good quality education services is a shared task among the government, educational institutions and the community. Both formal and non-formal institutions are expected to take an active part in providing qualified and competent graduates with high-quality training and educational programs.
The UPH Master of Education program offers an opportunity to engage intensively with the field of education in a broad sense. Through academic and practical studies, students will experience the advancement of information technology to meet society’s demands for qualified, progressive, and creative personnel in diverse areas of educational training and human resource development.
This program delivers courses in managing educational institutions to meet the challenge of providing a good quality educational service. Master of Education graduates will acquire skills in developing instructional technology in education as competent trainers (instructors, teachers, and lecturers) and program planners, critical and creative curriculum developers, confident information and technology users and effective, efficient managers of training and educational institutions who excel in strategic planning. Detailed expected skills and competencies of the graduates are described under the separate concentrations of Master of Education, They are: Educational Technology, Educational Management, Early Childhood Education, and Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
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What do we offer?
We offer a Magister Pendidikan (M.Pd.) S2 program with concentration in Educational Leadership.
What is the goal of this program?
The goal is to prepare future school servant leaders who understand Christian education, embody a biblical Christian worldview for school leadership, and possess the knowledge and skills of leadership and management.
What is distinct about this program?
Our program is distinct because all programs are systemically planned and taught from a biblical Christian worldview, thus, the program is called ‘Systemic’.
What is the admission requirement for this program?
This program will enroll applicants who:
  • Are born-again Christians;
  • Have the calling to be educational leaders;
  • Have been awarded S1 degree, and have been teaching or working in the educational institution for at least 3 years;
  • Have minimum TOEFL score of 475.
How long does it take to complete the program?
Students need to take 42 SKS/credit hours (including 6 SKS for thesis writing) in order to complete the program. The normal length of study is four semesters (2 years).
How will the profile of the graduates from this program be?
UPH M.Pd. in Educational Leadership Program developsgraduates who:
  • Desire a growing relationship with the triune God through the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Understand the vision, mission, nature, and goals of biblical Christian Schools and able to plan strategically for long and short term
  • Develop strong leadership and management knowledge and skills for Christian school governance and operation
  • Understand the process of budget-planning, finance management, people and program development, in accordance with biblical principles
  • Demonstrate a biblical Christian understanding and practice on Christian education and educational leadership
  • Respond to educational issues and challenges in educational leadership in a redemptive restoration manner
  • Understand the significance and role of a Christian school leader in shaping a Christ-like culture and community of shalom in relation to the school context
  • Initiate research on educational leadership and curriculum in order to improve educational practice, and to impact the greater community through publication of research.
Where can I get an application form for this program?
Application Form is available at UPH Teachers College Karawaci Campus and UPH Plaza Semanggi Campus. 
For Admission information, please contact:
·     UPH Teachers College Campus, Building B-603, 
      Jl.M.H. Thamrin, LippoKarawaci, Tangerang 15811, 
      Contact Person: Mrs. Selsiana Tel. 021-5460901 ext. 2605, Email:


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