There is so much more to university than just classes.
Certainly learning is the core business of any successful university. UPH is fully committed to quality academic education aligned to our vision and mission as a Christ-centered university. However, at UPH we believe strongly in holistic education – education for the whole person. This means that we are equally committed to quality learning in all dimensions of a student’s life: academic, social, physical, creative, cultural, and spiritual. We are focussed on providing a university experience for our students with the support and challenge needed for maximum total personal development. We are confident that, by the grace of God, we will realize a generation of highly motivated, enthusiastic, values-driven leaders who will transition from UPH into positions of influence in society where they can made a positive difference.
Student Life on campus is shaped in large part by the work of the Student Development and Spiritual Formation Division. The Departments of this Division reflect UPHs commitment to holistic education. Our personnel are deeply committed to the vision of the university and to the students. We will do our best to ensure that the UPH experience is dynamic, life-changing and thoroughly enjoyable. Be sure to discover the variety and strength of our programs in the following areas: