UPH College Dormitory
UPH College Residence is a dormitory for high school students attending UPH College and began in July 2010. The residential program works in harmony with the vision and mission of UPH College, and is integrated as much as possible with the overall curriculum of the college. The focus of MYC is that, through living in residence, students would strengthen their relationship with God as they respond to His calling.
The UPH College residential experience provides a wonderful community for students to live and learn together. It is not just a safe place to stay and live on the campus, but also a place to make lifelong friends; listen, learn, discuss, pray, laugh and grow together.
Through the programs of Residence Life and supported by the guidance of the Residence Life staff and the Dorm Supervisor, the UPH College resident students have a great opportunity to grow, learn the importance of personal responsibility, understand how to relate to others, and grow in compassion, discipline and integrity.