Spiritual Formation Department
SFS Committee
Committee of TLC Medis
The primary concern of this unit is to guide and support Christian Students’ Spiritual Organizations which are; “Spiritual Formation for Students UPH” for the students in main campus of UPH Lippo Village and “TLC Medis” for those in UPH Medical Campus located at the neighboring of Siloam Hospital Lippo Village.
Spiritual Formation for Students (SFS)
SFS is a Christian community in UPH, initiated and organized by students, as a movement to minister students’ spirituality and empower them to have a strong conviction towards Christ and His Kingdom.
As a campus that strife to provide a holistic education, UPH seen the existence and activities of SFS as a complimentary since its vision is to see that every student would find their true calling in Jesus, knowing their destiny of life, growing in the true community, and impacting the world with the virtue of the born-again Christian heart and skillful hands.
Under the guidance of Spiritual Formation Department, SFS serve the students through several activities, such as:
  • Student Fellowship every Friday
  • Discipleship
  • Christian students’ community called “TLC” (Tender Loving Community)
  • Prayer fellowship every Tuesday afternoon
  • Bible Explorer, the name for a Bible study class
  • Dance ministry
  • Praise and Worship ministry
  • Cyber ministry
  • Annual students’ retreat (Youth Camp)
  • Christian Leadership Camp (CLC)
  • Etc
TLC Medis
TLC Medis is a community under Spiritual Formation Department UPH that serves students of Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Nursing. TLC Medis contributes in making disciples for Jesus Christ through small group, bible study, Friday Fellowship and Leaders Retreat. Activities, themes and values around them are made align with the context of health, so every student can deeply experience to serve others and serve Jesus within their calling.