Student’s Fellowship
Students’ Fellowship is one of the spiritual programs at UPH that is prepared to accommodate the need of spiritual life of each student and to ensure its growth. This program embraces students from all batches and academic fields in experiencing the fellowship among them and - at the top of it - in fellowship with Christ for His love, and honoring the sovereignty of GOD. Through praise and worship and sermon of the gospel which is adjusted to students’ needs, Students’ Fellowship strives to supply provision for the future and to spur a continual and dynamic spiritual growth. In praise and worship, we experience intimacy with God, and express our adoration to Him. We are also filled by the Holy Spirit that bring a fulfillment and satisfaction that nothing else in the universe can bring. By the word of God, we also filled with the truth of God, so that each day we are changed and as each day passes we are becoming more and more like Jesus.
Join us in room D501 every Friday, at 11:45 am till 01:20 pm
Come on!!! We really hope each one of you can join with us on Students' Fellowship. We really really want you to experience what we have experienced ourselves.
This Students Fellowship is not only provided in main campus UPH but also in UPH medical campus and this fellowship is held by TLC Medis, That’s why students both from Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Nursing can really enjoy this fellowship, and even with the contextual message related with their passion in health.
SFS also have some annual events that developed from Students Fellowships, communities and small groups. Those events are:
  • Students Fellowship at UPH Festival
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Passover Celebration