Youth Camp
Youth Camp is the biggest life changing event of Universitas Pelita Harapan held by students who long for their friends to know and receive Lord Jesus personally, to experience spiritual restoration, to commit to live as new creations, and to serve God. Youth Camp has been held since 1995 and so many people have been changed and blessed. From year to year many students (from UPH and outside) and alumni gather to join Youth Camp, ranging from 600-950 participants.
Youth Camp is different with other retreats held by churches or other spiritual organizations. Beside held and organized by students and supported by alumni and the university, in Youth Camp UPH there is one session delivered by an alumni, which is "Hati Kampus" (Heart to Serve Campus). This session aims the participants to have motivation and willingness to serve in campus in various aspects and fields. Other sessions that are included usually in Youth Camp are Salvation, Father's Heart and Self Image Restoration, Holiness, and Growing in Community and the Word of God.
Let’s Join Youth Camp 2013 “Chosen” and experience His Love…