Sport Recreation and Fitness
University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) is the most modern private university that is located in Banten Province. UPH can be proud of its sport facilities, which consists of a fitness center, aerobic room, soccer field, semi-outdoor basketball court, jogging track, swimming pool.
UPH’s sports facilities are of top quality. UPH has three semi-outdoor basketball court, which can also be used as a volley ball court and badminton court. The soccer field is also an international size soccer field with one of the best surfaces in Indonesia. The Fitness Center in UPH, which has numerous equipment, can be used by all UPH students by giving their smart card to the on-duty supervisor. Our fitness center is not staffed with personal fitness instructors at this time. However, through our fitness and classes give instruction to each student on facility/equipment usage. These students in turn aid in our instruction of all those who use our fitness center throughout each semester. There is also a Futsal arena where students can play and develop their skills.
The facilities that UPH has built is excellent for making all of UPH’s students as students who can balance academic skill, good soul, high sportivity to create a better future for our nation. Let us improve our sport skill that is really useful for our soul. Motivate yourself to be the greatest graduated students for our future, our nation.