MYC Student Dormitory which was opened in June 2006 offers an excellent opportunity for students to have an exciting experience of cultural, spiritual and social advantages. This dormitory purpose is to help first-year students feel comfortable, secure and confident while making the adjustment to university demands, and absolutely to teach all the students to be independent and be disciples students. Students who choose resident living on campus can look forward to a home away from home complete with the touch of family atmosphere, new friends, modern living, and personal attention from Supervisors, Resident Assistant, and Dorm Master, who always concern and care with their lives, personality development, spiritual growth, education, and 24 hours ready to help.
MYC dares to dream big and responds to the Great Commission by providing various programs such as: Monthly Gatherings, Community Outreach Opportunities, Tutoring, MYC Friday Night, Leadership Disciples Training, Mentor Program, Movie Madness, MYC Green Day, Health Project, Olympic Race, and many more. And all students could use the facilities in MYC, such as swimming pool, billiards, and lounge.
Student security and safety is state-of-the-art, with smart card and thumb print ID required for entry into the residence hall. There is a group of security personnel on duty throughout the campus 24 hours a day. Campus gardens, walkways, and parking facilities are always illuminated and well-maintained to add to the safety of UPH. Due to limited space, priority at this all-female residence hall will be given to first-year students from outside Jakarta