Welcoming Remarks

By the grace of God, I am delighted to welcome you to UPH and to present to you the UPH Festival 2019, with the theme “Grace upon Grace”. The theme has been inspired by the biblical passage, John 1:16. This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of UPH. By the grace of God, UPH has developed itself to be one of the institutions used by God to bless so many, and the country of Indonesia. Only by the grace of God.

Through UPH Festival we encourage all students to think, reflect, and respond to glorify God. God has given talents to every student; I urge every student to find your strongest talent and develop it during your study at UPH, so that you will be best equipped to serve as a professional and/or a leader in the years to come. UPH Festival is intended to usher you as a new student to a holistic academic life at UPH. I pray that you will avail yourself to be transformed, empowered through UPH holistic education. Last year we succeeded in consolidating 4 universities into “One UPH”. It was a historical milestone for UPH – “Only by His Grace”.

We praise God that through His blessings, the consolidated, One UPH, will become a global campus with international quality.

Let me underline the UPH vision: true knowledge, faith in Christ, and Godly character, and pray that during your study at UPH, you will also own and internalize the vision, so that you will be ready to be sent out to transform lives and to glorify God.

Finally, I would like to express my deep appreciation to all the speakers, parents, faculty members, and committee members for their support, contributions, and hard work for the success of UPH Festival 2019.

To God be the glory!


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